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Home sweet Home


We are back...actually we got back to the States Sunday, January 11. We spent the previous days visiting friends and family in Taiwan. We had the good fortune of hanging out with our old roommate in his town, TaiChung. He took us to the hot spots and Andy even tried Bettlenuts.

This week andy and i have been struggling with massive jetlag and getting back in the swing of things.

When we have a change to sift through the over 3000 pictures we will post a link so everyone can see them.

We hope you had a fun time reading about where we spent our hunnymoon. We had an awesome time and are in talks about where we want to take a babymoon....ha ha just kidding.

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Slinging in Singapore.....

sunny 29 °C

Annie and I finally reached our final stop in our long journey across South East Asia, Singapore. The humidity is still high and the heat is strong . We arrived in Singapore pretty late on Tuesday night since we missed our plane in KL due to some confusion as to which airport we were leaving from...OOOPS!!! But we made it safe and sound. The bad part of arriving late into the city is the fact that everything is closed. The only establishments that were open past 11:30pm were the local bars and the Karaoke rooms. We were both hungry after not having any dinner, so we looked everywhere for a place that was still offering food. After 20 mins searching we decided on going to an Irish Pub and had their late night Chili Dog with chips and a side of fried whitebait ( little silver fish). Of course, anytime you get to go to an Irish Pub you see if they have Guniness on tap. Lucky for me they did and it was extra cold.

The city itself is very beautiful and clean. We were able to explore the city today visiting many more famous and exciting places such as Little India, Chinatown and Raffles City. Singapore is known for their Fish Head Curry and in Little India there is a place famous for making the best Fish Head Curry in all of Singapore, Banana Leaf Apollo. It was very big and very tasty, the only problem that we had when the dish arrived at our table was how to eat the dish. There was a big soup bowl and inside the bowl was a curry soup with a hugh fish head. Oh I forgot to mention that we did not have any plates, we ate our meal on top of big banana leafs. You can imagine what a difficult task enjoying this famous dish must have been, besides the fact that we didn't know how to eat fish head.

Most of the city was getting past the holiday season but in Chinatown there are gearing up for Chinese New Years. We saw so many decorations of Red and Gold. Everyone is getting ready for the year of the Ox. The year of the Ox begins on the 26th of Jan and celebrations will go on for two days.

After our stop in Chinatown, Annie and I travelled to the famous Raffles Hotel. As many might not know, Raffles Hotel is home of Long Bar. Long Bar is the birthplace of the famous cocktail know as the Singapore Sling. The Sling was refreshing and very tasty. Anyone who might be going to Singapore has to have one before leaving, we both recommend it.

One of the great features that Singapore has to offer to it's citizens and visitors is an amazing transit system that takes you all around the city with out any hassles and it is the cheapest way to travel around. In fact it is the only cheap thing in the city.

Tomorrow we are returning to Taiwan to see some more family and then we will be heading back to the states. Southeast Asia has been an amazing trip. We have seen more than we ever imagined. We have eaten more than we ever thought possible.

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Malaysia in a quick second

overcast 23 °C

We went to Malaysia to see the Petronas towers...we wished we had more time to visit the rest of the country. On our first night we went to China town to grab a quick bite. We shared a chicken pot...chicken roasted over rice and cooked in a ceramic pot. It was delicious with a cold beer ( andy) and some veggies on the side. When the bill came we were surprised to see it was barely $8 for the whole meal. We then set out to find the towers. We got some really great shots of it in the moonlight and wandered around the adjoining mall for a little bit. We then headed back to Chinatown to get a nightcap and fill up on 30cent baggies of cut fruits. On our second day, the towers were closed to tourists so we enjoyed the view from the water fountain out front. We wandered around Little India and headed back to the pool at our hotel. Unfortunately, I came down with a terrible bout of heatstroke and laid in bed the rest of the night. We were unable to go out that night nor the next morning since i was drowsy with medication. So ultimately, we never got to see the sky bridge at the Petronas towers, but we did see them at night and day. We did n't miss much though...andy stepped out to look for motrin for me and said it was pouring outside so we would have spent the night in anyways.

Today we flew from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. We didn't know that there were 2 international airports in KL...both are named KUL. We went to the wrong one and missed our flight. When we got to the right one we had to forfeight our ticket and pay for a new one. AirAsia has super cheap flights but their luggage allowance is limited to 15kgs...and charges $5 per Kg....we were way over weight so we had to pay an additional fee for our luggage. Luckily they didn't weigh the 30lb buddah andy has been carrying on his back since cambodia.

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Chillin' in Phuket


overcast 27 °C

After our adventures in Bangkok, Annie and I wanted to have a little rest from all the hussle and bussle from the big city. We landed in Phuket which is in the southern tip of Thailand. It was a bit overcast but the temperature was still hot and muggy. We stayed in Karon Beach which is a little bit more low key than the more infamous Patong Beach. During our 3 day stay we were able to bask in the little sun that there was on the marine blue beach and roam around the small beach town. We were surprised to see so many European's while we were there. There were many visitors coming from Sweden and Germany. The mixture of Danish-Thai food was also very curious to see. Overall, Phuket is a beautiful city with many beaches and activities. There were not so many iconic things to see so it made it easy for us to just chill and take it easy. The only thing that gave us a bit of trouble was the bug bites and the taxi scams. We made it this far without any major bug bites but when we were in Karon we were eaten up by the local mosquito's. After our last night, Annie and I looked that human dart boards....OUCH. By the way for anyone going to Phuket, there are public buses that take you around town. It is just hard to find them. We had trouble finding them and we got ripped off by the local taxis services. Anyways, we are off to KL Malaysia as our next stop.

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New Pics are up

semi-overcast 22 °C

We finally found a quick internet connection today that would also allow us to upload pics as well.

Luckily we couldn't find transportation to Patong tonight so we spent the evening at the internet cafe.

Hope you enjoy them.

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